Your ultimate guide on how to edit PDF files.

PDF files are not editable by design. The format was created 30 years ago as the digital equivalent of paper. But there are many situations when you actually need to edit that PDF: update your CV or presentation slides with relevant information, change the address and company logo in an invoice, or simply add a few zeros to a sum in a contract.

All this is possible with PDF Expert 6. You CAN actually edit existing PDF text, add and replace images and even add links on your iPhone and iPad. We believe that we have created the best PDF editor for mobile.

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First, you open a file that needs to be fixed. Then, a single click on Edit opens a set of powerful editing tools:

Let's dive in and explore them one by one!

How to edit text in PDFs on your iPhone and iPad

PDF Expert lets you easily edit PDF text on your iPhone. It automatically detects the font, size and opacity of the original text allowing you to make edits in a snap. All the changes are saved within your PDF file.

To start editing, activate Edit tools by clicking the Edit icon in the top toolbar.

To add a new text block or edit existing one:

  1. Tap on the Text tool .
  2. Tap where you want a new text block to be inserted.
  3. Start typing. When finished, click on the blank space to save the changes.
  4. Tap on the text to edit it or change the text properties.

Note: For your convenience, it is possible to display text as lines or paragraphs. Tap and Hold on the Text tool and select the option you need.

How to edit images in PDFs on your iPhone and iPad

You can add and replace images in your documents and PDF files in seconds. Besides deleting or adding new pictures, there are a bunch of other tools to manipulate your images the way you want. Resize and change a company logo in a contract, or move a graph to a different place in a report. PDF Expert gives you a unique power to do pretty much anything.

To add a new image in a PDF:

  1. Tap on the Image tool .
  2. Tap anywhere in the document and choose the image from the Photo Library or add a new one using Camera.
  3. Tap on the image to resize, replace or crop it.

Now, your document looks better, your invoice can have the right logo and your report has the most up to date graph.

How to add links in PDFs on your iPhone and iPad

Do you want to link any part of a text to a different page or website? It's easy! Did you know that you can even add links to images?

The link adding feature comes handy when you are creating a new report or making a PDF presentation. It gives more context to the readers and creates flawless cross-references that add credibility to your work.

To add a new link:

  1. Tap on the Link tool .
  2. Select a text block you want to link.
  3. Choose the link destination: To Page or To Web.
  4. Insert a landing page number or use a target picker that serves as an alternative to the manual landing page input.

How to redact and hide sensitive information in PDF documents

Sometimes you want to hide sensitive information in a document to protect it before sharing with someone. It could be your cell phone, social security number, credit card or even a bank account number. PDF Expert has the best PDF redaction tool to help you protect your privacy. It allows you to erase or black out sensitive numbers and parts from a document for good.

In PDF Expert, you can Redact in two ways: Blackout and Erase. Blackout will put a permanent black box on the content so nobody will ever read it. Erase tool will complete wipe out and erase the content and sensitive information from your document.

To begin Redacting follow these steps:

  1. In Edit mode tap and hold on the Redact tool .
  2. Select Blackout or Erase option.
  3. Drag to select content you want to blackout or erase.

Note: If you want to locate and remove specific words, characters, or phrases throughout the whole document, use the Find and Redact tool .

As you can see, almost everything can be edited, fixed and deleted with PDF Expert!

Edit PDFs in the cloud

With PDF Expert 6, you can work on the fly in the cloud. If you want to edit, annotate or sign a document in Dropbox, you simply open it via PDF Expert and all changes you make will be saved there. You don’t have to download a huge file anymore.

We've greatly improved the sync speed with the cloud services such as Google Drive, Box and OneDrive which assists your work with PDFs. We take care of the rest. It is slick how well it works!

How to create and edit Outlines

Outlines work best to help you structure your data when you're working on a huge document (think: a court case for lawyers or research for Phd). You can easily edit the outline in a few taps.

To add a new item to the existing Table of Contents:

  1. Tap Edit in the Outlines tab.
  2. Tap '+'.
  3. To create a subitem, drag one item over another.

Moreover, you can easily change a landing page number of the item in Outlines tab.

For this:

  1. Tap Edit.
  2. Tap the number box next to the item and put the page number where you want it to be landed.

Readdle team has been diligently working on this for over a year to give you the best PDF experience on your iOS devices. We truly hope that you will enjoy the new version.

PDF Expert 6 comes as a free update to all existing users, and the editing function is available as an additional in-app purchase for just $9.99.

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