There are so many documents that we need to sign: contracts, invoices, tax declarations, project plans and many many more. And a digital way is the most innovative one to do that. Today we have various solutions to digitize the whole process of signing documents. If you are a proud Apple fan, than PDF Expert provides the best signing experience out there. If you need to sign any document while you are traveling, download PDF Expert and you’ll be able to do it on the go from your iPhone or iPad.

And yes, digital signatures can be beautiful.

With PDF Expert you can sign a PDF document or a form by placing your personal signature in the appropriate place in a document or in a signature field.

Here are three simple step how to sign any PDF file with your iPhone or iPad

1. Tap on the annotations toolbar to create a signature. This signature is saved within PDF Expert and can be placed on any document as My Signature. Tap Save when you are done.

Note: To Clear the signature tap the white sheet icon in the top right corner of the screen.

PDF Expert allows saving up to 4 personal signatures on your iPad. To add another signature tap and tap on Add New Signature.

2. To place a signature on a PDF, tap and hold on any place of the document until the popup menu appears. Select My Signature or Customer Signature:

3. When My Signature is selected, a list of previously saved signatures will be opened. Tap on the appropriate signature to place it.

Your signature will appear exactly where you clicked, and you will be able to move and edit it as you wish. Magic!

When Customer Signature is selected, a one-time signature is created and placed on a document. This signature is not saved within PDF Expert and can't be copied to another place or document.

All the signatures are absolutely editable:

Sign PDFs across all your devices

PDF Expert 6 with PDF Expert for Mac makes a great combo when it comes to PDF signing. The signatures are synchronized across iPhone, iPad and Mac, but all your devices have to be signed to the same iCloud account. Thus, you can easily create a beautiful signature with Apple Pencil on the iPad and use it on your Mac later.

Great signing tools together with the powerful editing features and elegant design make PDF Expert the best solution for all your PDF needs.

Download PDF Expert 6 from the App Store now!

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