February 10, 2020

Reading PDFs and viewing preferences

When you open a PDF file in PDF Expert for Mac in the upper part of the screen, you’ll see the upper toolbar which contains the main preferences for work with a file.

By clicking the first left icon, the “Bookmarks, outlines, annotations summary” section opens. This section is aimed at facilitating navigation through file pages, outlines, annotations and bookmarks. The next icon, , refers to the thumbnails view. By activating it, you are able to manage the file itself (add/delete, rearrange, and rotate pages, extract or share them).

Right after it you’ll see the Page Layout button which allows you to manage general view of the file (single or two pages view) and split view as well (split pages horizontally or vertically).

The percentage at the right of the thumbnails view relates to the page’s layout. By tapping “+/-,” you enlarge or decrease the page size.

In the middle of the upper toolbar, the Annotation and Edit modes icons are located.

In the right part of the toolbar two icons are located. Back Button (CMD+[ shortcut) will bring you to the previously opened page of the file (note: this button is active once you’ve tapped hyperlink within file or used “Go to the page” command (CMD+Alt+G shortcut) and the second one, , brings up the share menu. You can also use “Go Forward” command with CMD + ] shortcut.

Besides the upper toolbar, the app’s preferences are found by taking the following steps: click PDF Expert in the upper menu > Tap Preferences (which are divided in two tabs: General and Advanced). The preferences manage the way the file is opened, displayed and saved.

Note: PDF Expert for Mac uses continuous scrolling when you scroll pages. To disable continuous scrolling and scroll pages one by one, use the arrow keys ⇞ ⇟ ← → .

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