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A Release of Liability Form is a document that is signed between two parties wherein one party — Party A or ‘Releasor’ — frees the other party — Party B or ‘Releasee’ — from any or all liability or damages, arising due to the actions of Party A in the future. To put simply, a Release of Liability Form is an agreement made between two parties where one party agrees not to sue or hold responsible the other party for any untoward incident. The agreement is quite commonly used by individuals or businesses across the globe and is an important component of any activity where risks are involved.

What is a Release of Liability Form?

A Release of Liability Form is also commonly known as a Waiver of Responsibility document and is used in many places where one needs to be absolved of possible liability. It is also commonly known as a ‘Hold Harmless Agreement’ or a ‘Liability Waiver’ document. The most common uses of the release of liability agreements are the DMV release of liability form that is used when you are selling or renting a car to someone and want to free yourself from blame arising out of the actions of the person driving the car. Another common example is the location or event release of liability form that is signed for physical activities such as school trips or other adventure activities where the group organizing or sponsoring the activity would not want to be accountable for any untoward accidents arising during the trip or activity.

Types of Release of Liability Form Templates

There are different types of waiver of responsibility agreements that are commonly used today. Some examples of these liability waivers are:

  1. General Release of Liability / Assumption of Risks
  2. Accident Waiver / Event Release of Liability
  3. Media Release / Photo Release Form
  4. Automobile or Car Accident Release of Liability

Each of these release of liability forms are specific to the purpose. We’ll take a closer look at a general release of liability form here and try to understand the different types of release of liability form templates. You can edit the release of liability form PDF available below using PDF Expert — the best PDF Editor for Mac.

Contents of a Release of Liability Form Template

  1. Details of the Releasor — The individual or company that promises not to take any legal action towards the other party signing the document.
  2. Details of the Releasee — The individual or company that is being absolved of any liability by the Releasor signing the waiver form document.
  3. Details of the Purpose — Description of the activity, event, or reasons behind signing the release of liability form.
  4. Details of the Jurisdiction — The state or court under which any disagreements or issues will be resolved.
  5. Date — The date from which the release of liability will be effective from.

Free Release of Liability Form PDF Template

A General Release of Liability Form is used when any individual or company is conducting an event, trip, or any activity that involves participation from other individuals or groups — either as volunteers, or in return for a payment. In such a case, the individual or company that is conducting the event can download and modify our free PDF waiver form template and have the participants or volunteers sign it before the commencement of the said activity.

This is a General Release of Liability PDF Template available as a Free Download. You can customize the PDF and add your own details to it using PDF Expert — the best PDF Editor app for iOS and Mac. Download PDF Expert for Free to get started with this Free PDF waiver form template.

Sample Release of Liability Form PDF Template


Vehicle Release of Liability Form

Whenever you want to sell your car or vehicle to anyone else, you must get a vehicular release of liability form signed from whoever is purchasing your vehicle. In fact, your local DMV/RTO laws make this a mandatory step as part of any vehicle sale. A vehicle release of liability form is used to notify your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Regional Transport Office (RTO) that you have sold the vehicle and ensures that you are absolved of any liability that may arise after the sale. For example, in the US State of California, this form is known as the Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability form.

A vehicle release of liability form must include all important details about the buyer, seller, as well as the vehicle being sold and purchased. This includes the vehicle make, model, color, year, the vehicle identification number (VIN), the odometer reading at the time of sale.

This release of liability form template available for car sales and other vehicles must be used along with a Bill of Sale form when making the sale transaction. This liability form template can be filled out and edited with PDF Expert.

Sample Vehicle Release of Liability Form